Post Burn Reconstruction

The burn treatment depends upon the degree of the burn. Superficial burn can be treated simply by pain relievers while major burns required specialized medical care in burn centres. Partial thickness burns can be healed by regular dressing and cleaning with soap and water. But in full thickness burns it requires surgical treatment such as skin grafting.

Complications of burnsare mostly related to infection. Extensive burn often require large amount of IV fluid as subsequent inflammatory response will result in significant capillary fluid leakage or edema.

Treatment Cost

World MedihelpfacilitatesPost Burn reconstruction in Mumbai/Delhi/Bangalore at a reasonable cost as per affordability and comfort of the patient.

Price in USD $ Days stay (Total) Standard Investigation/Tests

Our Expert (plastic surgeon) will explain theprocedure in detail so that it would be easy for you to make a confident decision.

Cost may vary slightly after physical evaluation of the patient.

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