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Liposuction is one of commonest fat removal procedure used in plastic surgery. In this procedure, fat is sucked out from a particular part of the body permanently. It involves using a cannula and negative pressure to suck out fat. Liposuction removes fat cells permanently and alters the shape of the body. It is one of the best permanent inch loss procedure available in the world as of today

The procedure may be performed under general, regional, or local anaesthesia.

There are various techniques of liposuction, including the very standard Tumescent technique, Ultrasonic liposuction which is ultrasound assisted and other recent variations like Body jet liposuction and SmartLipo. The incision for Liposuction is very small (3-10 mm) and are barely visible and are hidden in body crease. Furthermore, every effort is made to see that these scars are not visible.

Treatment Cost

World Medihelpfacilitates liposuction in Mumbai/Delhi/Bangalore at a reasonable cost in three different categories as per affordability and comfort of the patient.

Price in USD $ Days stay (Total) Single


Twin Economical Investigation/Tests
Package 1-2 1600 1300 2971 Physical evaluation, psychological assessment with some blood tests.

Our expert (plastic surgeon) will explain their techniques in detail so that it would be easy for you to make a confident decision.

Cost may vary slightly after physical evaluation of the patient.

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