Hymen Restoration or Hymenoplasty

Hymen restoration or hymenoplasty is basically hymen repair surgery. Its popularly known as revirgination. It is a minor simple surgery to get virginity back used for reconstructing the hymen of women who need to have their virginity restored for cultural, social and ethical purpose.

This procedure is done as an outpatient treatment and usually take half an hour to one hour under local or general anesthesia.

  • Hymen rupture can occur due to following reasons: –
  • Physical activities such as cycling, swimming, horse riding or gymnasium.
  • Physical abuse or rape

Preserving hymen till marriage is the necessity in some countries and culture. Hymenoplasty might empower them emotionally and ethically.

The newly constructed hymen would be same as original hymen.

Treatment Cost

World Medihelp facilitates Hymenoplasty in Mumbai/Delhi/Bangalore at a reasonable cost as per affordability and comfort of the patient.

Price in USD $ Days stay (Total) Standard Investigation/Tests
Package Daycare stay + 1 day outside stay in India 750-1150 Physical evaluation, psychological assessment and blood tests.

Patient would be able to resume to work the next day only.

Our Expert (plastic surgeon) will explain the procedure in detail so that it would be easy for you to make a confident decision.

Cost may vary slightly after physical evaluation of the patient.

For more details please feel free to contact at +91 7506009568 or email at shweta.wmh@gmail.com.

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